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Noticeable white tower in the town centre - formerly one of the two towers of the St. Martin Church - was built in the 15th century in gothic style. 

The tower was used not only as a bell tower in the vicinity of the Lutheran church, but also as a guarding tower. That is also the reason for its massive structure - height 33 m, wall thickness 1,9 m - and a narrow gate protecting the area, where the inhabitants of Strážnice were safe against the rampages in the 17th century. the reforms in 1784 meant for Strážnice the abolition of the cemetery in the town centre and in 1799 also dismantling of the cemetery wall and the second tower. 

The present form of the tower is from 1620 - however at that time the tower was even taller - at the top was a wooden terrace for the guard. After destructive fires in 1652 and 1718, the tower is further without a terrace. The authorship of the tower is presumed to the italian architects, however it is not sure. In 1917 and later in 1942 were the bells from the tower confiscated for military purposes. From original four bells, only one was saved - St. Josef from 1719. In 1954 and 1955  the tower acquired two brand new bells - St. Antoin and St. Barbora. Since 1900 the tower is equiped with large hours (inside device was made at the break of 17th and 18th century).

the visitors can notice that the tower is leaning, because of the unstable bedrock.

During the tourist season is the tower accessible.


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