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Blatnice pod sv. Antonínkem

Blatnice pod svatým Antonínkem is one of the most importatnt and also most famous wine villages of the region.

The Blatnice environs and especially the hillsides of the St. Antoine Hill (Svatý Antonínek) always offered good conditions for vine growing. According to the legend, king Svatopluk of Moravia (the ruler of Great Moravia in 9th centrury) drank the wine from Blatnice at his table with his associates. Oldest written reports come from the 13th centrury and prove that wine from Blatnice was very popular and was exported to Prague and Vienna. Blatnice is most known for its Burgundy wine varieties, which are grown here for centuries. This is also the reason, why are local vineyards sometimes called "Burgundy of Moravia".

Local wine cellars are located at the foot of the St. Antoine Hill. The are called "búdy" anf they inseparable belong to local wine culture. The cellars are still used for wine making and belong to local wine growers. During the tourist season the cellars are open to public and their "opening" is a very popular event visited by many locals and also tourists.


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GPS coordinates:      48°57'10.818"N, 17°27'47.888"E

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